Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is PPVRip, BRRip & BDRip & DDC?

What Does PPV Stand For?
PPVRips are Pay-Per-View videos which have been recorded from Hotel rooms. PPVRip is a Pay-Per-View video source.

Where Do PPVRip’s Come From?
PPVRips are said to have come from Pay-Per-View sources, but what is interesting is that all these releases are brand new movies which have not yet been released to Screener or DVD but are available to view by Hotel customers.

Which Hotel’s have these movies? Which country are they being shown in? How are they available before any other source?
These are common questions for which we have no answers yet. This is a brand new source and there is not much information regarding how these movies are commercially available. The PPVRip’s that are currently available on the internet are brand new releases, which have only recently left the theater and are the first source available for each of the releases.

It seems these movies are a promotional VHS-Screener source, but do not have any time codes or studio watermarks like normal Screener releases, this is the main difference between these two types of releases.
We hope to have some more information on PPVRip’s as time goes on, the first of these was only released 2 days ago and there has been a scouple of PPVRip’s since by STG group, who seems to be the only group with a PPV source at the moment.

BRRip & BDRip
Over the past month, you may have noticed two new HD (XviD) formats while browsing your favorite torrent tracker. While Blu-Ray BRRips and BDRips have been around for quite some time (in x264 / *.mkv container), only recently have scene groups been releasing them as XviD *.avi files.

But what makes this remarkable is that they’re compatible with standalone home DVD players (with DivX/XviD support), XBOX 360, PS3, and other external peripherals. These BRRip XviD and BDRip XviD files allow anyone to burn HD-quality Blu-Ray ripped movies on regular DVD media, and playback on most conventional DVD players - without the headaches of re-encoding or DVD authoring. There’s just one catch - you’ll likely need an HDTV to take full advantage of the superior video quality.

BRRip = An XviD encode from a Blu-Ray release (i.e. a 1080p *.mkv file).

BDRip = An XviD encode directly from a source Blu-Ray disk.

NOTE: While both BRRips and BDRips are superior to DVDRips, they are normally released in 720p resolution, since standalone DivX (*.avi) players do not support anything higher than this anyways. They should not be confused with genuine Blu-Ray rips in 1080p, which are usually done in native Blu-Ray files, or as H.264 *.mkv files.

BRRip vs. BDRip: Which is Best?
Technically there shouldn’t be much of a difference between the two - with one exception: Since BRRips are taken directly from a release that has already been ripped from a Blu-Ray disk (so it’s not a direct source), if there was a problem with the original .mkv, such as bad AR (aspect ratio) then it’ll be transferred to the BRRip, as well. True BDRips come straight from a Blu-Ray disk, which eliminates any problem with a middleman. However, this is somewhat of a moot point - the person/group responsible for the rip is seemingly more important to the end-product quality.

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